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she don't know shes beautiful♥

a girl like her; she just can't see what the fuss is all about

whatchu lookin at♥
29 June
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♥ i'm danielle
♥ i'm from seattle; washington
♥ i'm currently going to school to major in psych, and minor in english
♥ this journals friends only; if you wish to be added leave me a comment on where you found my journal at
♥ i'm not single; i'm dating a fantastic guy; who happens to be a marine. he's stationed in honolulu, hawaii. & his names mike.
♥ i might say things in here that will offend you; so be prewarned

♥now add me if you please♥

so they went down and sat on the pier & he said i bet youve got a boyfriend but i don't care ive got no one to send a letter to. would you mind if i sent one back here to you? i cried never gonna hold the hand of another guy; too young for him they told her, waiting for the love of a traveling soldier.

i you mike; come home safe

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